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Pan Drippings (what a visual)

Welcome to Bold Mary Writes, my very own project for an idle mind. I will try my best to stay focused on sharing what is true and genuine to me while clearing the recesses of my mind's ponderings (better stated as my mental state of the mind) to see I can share in this chaotic life. Pan drippings seemed fitting as the residue gunk which leaks out of the meat that is all delicious, but not so good for you. 
Being vulnerable and insecure is tough for most people, doing it publicly probably more-so.  However, I have found it is important to be honest and open with most people -- you soon find out you are not alone.  I am happy to have this forum to share my thoughts and I hope it helps who ever reads these pages sleep better, feel more normal, accept insecurities and vulnerabilities, AND enjoy the deeper connection being open affords. 
For now.


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