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It was a Good Day

It was a day in a series of days during a year that did not end. Or so it seemed. As luck would have it, it was a good day. My smaller gathering enjoyed the finer things in life - no, not the richest sauces and prime cuts of meat, but those wonderous moments when you realize the finer things are luxuries of time and uninterrupted attention. I sat back during the unwrapping of a few gifts and watched hearts jump for joy and smiles extended all the while realizing the gift I had before me: time.

Time is a master to itself and owes not one person more then their allotted share, but occasionally we are gifted the realization of time's presence. I felt more keenly aware of the precious commodity bestowed upon us during the moments of festival cheer and my grateful heart expanded (no, not three times). Phone calls were not rushed and pleasantries went deeper into thoughts and dreams. This was a day for the year, joy danced at the edge and slowly waltzed closer with each hour that passed. A memory was captured and tucked away for later use and, I expect, it will endure the repeated abuse of folds and wrinkles reminiscent of a well worn letter. My eternally grateful heart thanks the heaven and stars for the pause during this particular year of chaos.

Now, we are back to the unmistakable movement of harsher time with rougher cut chapters and pages. Alas, no need to fret there are only a few days left of the year! Soon we can call it the year of hindsight 20-20. A collection of missteps and mistakes, of mishaps and sadness. The year where no one was immune to not only an illness, but of their own internal turmoil and bias. Perhaps the time was marked with a loss or an unfamiliar gain - a child with out a baptism, a birthday without a party, an occasion with no guests. Unprecedented it was called and it was - many with job loss for the first time and uncertain food availability.

I wish I could find each person with food scarcity and provide them a cup of warm drink, a pantry full of food, and the assurance of a never-ending supply of nourishment. I can not, even in this country of hope and dreams I can not. I can highlight the amazing extension of grace and love I found in It is an outreach connecting people that have some extra to those who do not. It does not fix the issues of the world nor slow time down, but it does offer respite to the weary and a meal to a person. Not much says love like a full stomach. In my microcosm, food is the way to our soul offering hope and peace.

Peace is a beautiful ideology and a goal for people in many regions of the world. The elusively and quality of peace is such that prayer for it is unending - for me I wish it extended to those I love, those I don't know, and for those who need it most. I find it interesting peace represents different thoughts and activities as different as the people who ask for it, who demand it, who pray for it. Is it your dream for the new year? Is peace in your thoughts and warm wishes? Have you ever sat with it and thought of what it truly means to you? With 2021 inching closer is it on your resolution list?

Did peace make it to your list that will join you on the quick passage of time in the space between 1159 and 1200? Or do you create timeline adjustments for the new year? The New Year and all tends to provide the perfect platform for new beginnings and dreams. What are your dreams? I plan to focus and fine tune the dream, if you will, and carve out more good days. Days of twinkly lights and soft music, of curled up with a book and hot chocolate, of clean air and crunchy steps. A good day does not need a holiday, it needs hard work and perseverance - it needs me to acknowledge the unforgiving click of time passing. It needs presence. I wish you well on your last days of 2020 and pray peace to find your home and heart.

Namaste and Peace

Bold Mary

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