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Rainbows and Lollipops from Chaos

Have you ever wondered how some people seem to jump out of bed with a million happy thoughts partnered with a side of 'the best day ever' screaming in their head regardless of the chaos surrounding them? For me, I tried to do this for far too long, trying for a day at a time -- maybe a week if I really concentrated to be happy with all things by willing it into existence. However, I have found a way to slowly slide out of bed and tip-toe into the day with a much smaller thought of 'this is enough, I am enough'. Not so perfect or grand, but it suits me much better and seems to grate less with those not-so-morning people.

To shift from expecting everyday sunshiny, happy, and perfect took realizing it was okay to not be okay. To accept there is more to life than just rainbows and lollipops and sometimes we need gray space and to accept this truth, I turned to reflection. In my quest to fulfill the destiny of eternal happiness I missed the opportunities to express and feel all the emotions a mind has to offer, truly a missed experience. So, how do we decide what we let settle into our minds and those that get to stay for an extended visit? I have one question to ferret out the answer -- does this thought, emotion serve me well? Now, the answer that is where the work comes in.

Often we think easy thoughts and feelings are the proof of a well-thought out response to a situation and happiness is the expectation. However, I have found the proof truly is in the long-term, not the immediate satisfaction of a moment. Reflecting on not so great days for a while helps me to focus on what I need to change or accept which in turn provides me with less gray days (or less of the same shade of gray). I will say, no one should live in the gray reflective space for too long, because settling in changes everything and then you become the person who lives in 'no and not today' rather than reflecting on the no and moving onward. To keep it simple, reflect, adjust, then turn to living in the present. Being able to accept the mundane, the chaos, and the triumphs. That's the good stuff.

The good stuff. Life tends to happen in those tender moments when we don't necessarily feel extremes of any sort. It is those moments that we see the developments of a child, in our own growth, and in the importance of an ant. Because of this thought I had to look it up -- what exactly do ants do? Well, according to Harvard Forest Edu, ants provide the aeration and seeds to give oxygen and nourishment to plants. How about that? Being present allows us to appreciate the every day and in turn rainbows and lollipops can grow from unexpected places.


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Ant importance,oxygen%20to%20reach%20plant%20roots.&text=These%20seeds%20often%20sprout%20and,food%20for%20many%20different%20organisms.

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